Charitable day is Sunday at Yogurt World, Hot Dog World


Steve and Dora Katsadouros are each donating proceeds from Sunday, Aug. 31 to various local charities.

Hot Dog World is donating all proceeds from the Sunday before Labor Day, for the fourth consecutive year. Yogurt World joins in this time, donating up to half of proceeds.

The neighboring businesses are right by Downtown Hendersonville. Yogurt World is just west of Hot Dog World, at 228 Kanuga Road. That is across Kanuga from where Washington Street dead-ends into it. It is usually open to 9 p.m. on summer Sundays.

Hot Dog World is normally closed on Sundays year-round, except for this holiday weekend. The 31st is also part of busy Apple Festival weekend.

Steve Katsadouros and Thanasi Tsaklos own and operate Hot Dog World. Steve’s wife Dora Katsadouros and Marisa Araya own Yogurt World.

“Since we opened Hot Dog World in 1986 (28 years ago), we’ve wanted to be part of this community,” Steve said. He has given to various charities for years.

Dora said her business is joining the project, to “help various churches and agencies assist people.” Yogurt World opened here in 2011.

Hot Dog World, as the more established business, will “donate 100 percent to fund a charity account,” Steve Katsadouros said. “Last year, we gave about $7,500 to local charities” by Christmas, with this fundraiser very pivotal. He said turnout was “pretty good” in 2013.

His staff can relate to sudden need that has struck many people, especially during the Great Recession. He said one of his workers was in a “major accident” two years ago, resulting in substantial medical expenses.

His strategy is to spread money in modest amounts to provide a “piece of pie to many” agencies and church groups. Last year, beneficiaries included the Medical Loan Closet, the Storehouse, Interfaith Assistance Ministry, Hendersonville Rescue Mission, Western Carolina Community Action, Council on Aging, The Healing Place and Four Seasons Hospice.

Those unable to drop by on Sunday can contribute other days. For instance, Hot Dog World has a change jar. “We add $100 every month to it, out of our sales here,” Steve Katsadouros said. He also donates his cut of ATM fees for the machine in the restaurant.

This is the last week to savor the apple pie milkshake in Hot Dog World. The self-service (in blending flavors, toppings) Yogurt World also has this seasonal treat that mixes apples, pie crust and cinnamon.

For more on the neighboring establishments, call Yogurt World at 435-1500 or Hot Dog World at 697-0374.

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