Father Coaches a Golf Star, Jamal Hutchison

Rugby Middle School

By Dasha Morgan- Jamal Hutchison is a talented 14 year golfer, who is graduating from Rugby Middle School this year and heading to Christ School for the 9th grade.

(L-R) Shown here at Development Haven gym are Christian Kern, Robert Hutchison, Matthew Pethel, and Jamal Hutchison, who have been working on skills to improve their game with individualized attention from their coach, Robert Hutchison.

He likes to “drive a straight, accurate shot when he hits the golf ball.” With his incredible ability, accuracy, and skill he has won many a tournament and academically has been an excellent student as well, with all A’s for the last three years.

To Jamal “Yes, your ability to putt is also important, as it can determine how good the score is. If you putt badly, your score won’t be good.” He likes a lot of other aspects of golf, like being outdoors with the open scenery and beautiful views, playing with friends, and then of course there is the challenge of the game of golf. It is a challenge!”

Jamal Hutchison, obviously a gifted player, has competed in many tournaments with his parents backing him and helping him throughout his development.

Robert and Lisa Hutchison know how important it is to be able to deal with tournament pressure and competition. They are very proud parents. Here Jamal, their son, is only 14 and already has won the Player of the Year Award for the last five years at the ages of 8 – 13 from the Western North Carolina Junior Golf Association.

His team at Rugby Middle School won the Championship in 2018, and this coming weekend he will be playing in the National Junior Golf Association tournament at Rock Barn Country Club in Hickory. He was the low medalist at the Blue Ridge Conference, grade 6, 7,and 8. His 8th grade year he shot 75, with a 37 at Maggie Valley Country Club and a 38 at Hendersonville Country Club. He won the Skyview Open as an 11 year old in the 13 and under age group. In addition he played U.S. Kids for years – won Player of the Year 4 or more times – played in the World Championship 3 times – Avg. 79. This is quite an amazing record for a young man.

And his parents are rightfully proud of him. This summer there will be seven or eight more tournaments to attend. Hutch speaks of Lisa mentioning that, “My wife does attend every golf match she can and regularly goes to the practice range with Jamal,” who is working on his game almost every day—driving the ball and putting. “She is the glue that gets us ready for what Jamal and I are doing—traveling out of town, school matches, local tournaments or practice.”

From the very beginning Jamal has been coached and instructed by his Dad, Robert Hutchison. “Hutch,” as he is known by many, coaches basketball, golf and gives small group and individual fitness lessons. He attended Brevard High School and Western Carolina University with a major in Parks and Recreation Management.

He played basketball at Western Carolina from 1985-1988. After, he had numerous Coaching and Associate Directors position at places like Brevard High School, Brevard College, UNC-Asheville, and Veritas Christian Academy. He has been a Trainer/Instructor of Basketball since 1984 and as Head Coach of Veritas Girls basketball team, he guided them to a National Championship runner up finish in the NACA.

Two years ago Hutch opened a training/sports complex at 33 Ducker Road in Arden called Development Haven, where he works with individuals, one-on-one, and/or small groups of four and five for 30 to 60 minute sessions. A section of the gym is corded off for golf swings and shots; another area is for shooting basketball and practicing layups and dribbles; the gym is bustling with activity, as individuals train and get instructed with their goal in mind.

Jamal Hutchison tees off.

Hutch also works regularly with Matthew Pethel, a friend of Jamal at his gym in basketball. Matthew played JV, is a freshman at TC Roberson and hopes to play on Varsity next year. He said, “I enjoy the way he (Hutch) coaches, always pushing me, creating a competitive situation in the gym, and I feel a personal relationship; he helped me grow as a person, and I know I can call him if there is any problem. He would be there.

I just like everything about working with him. Besides that, I really enjoy being on a team, having a goal and accomplishing that before the end of the season.” As seen above, Hutch has a gift for building relationships with a lasting rapport, all while pushing his students further than they thought possible.

As Bob Bosnigil said: “He simply sees what others cannot, helps you make the necessary changes and explains what you need to do to improve.

Times have really changed, and you simply cannot continue to be successful at the next level without this type of truly personalized guidance.” Tan Robinson said, “Coaches influence kids in ways that parents do not. I disputed this statement originally. Gladly I was wrong. After my divorce 5 years ago, I’d notice a sadness in my son that I couldn’t “love” out of him. Coach Hutch and Development Haven has not only upped his fundamental knowledge of basketball but heightened his spirits not just in sports but in school, and everyday overall outlook.” Hutch has a solid reputation of being friendly yet effective, a motivator with a proclivity for hard earnest work and loyalty to oneself and commitments, building personal habits that affect the overall individual.

Hutch is at the helm of something called Coach’s Quest. Coach’s Quest (CQ) is a non-profit,(401 C 3) sports-based mentorship program serving Buncombe/Henderson County and the surrounding areas. CQ provides under-served and normal communities alike with a comprehensive program combining goal-development and expert athletic training, at times partnering with parents, coaches, teachers and juvenile justice systems. Their vision is to push our youth who possess the talent and desire to compete beyond their current realm of possibility; with the majority of the youth served hoping to achieve success post graduation both athletically and academically. CQ is currently housed in the new facility “Development Haven.”

In fact on Friday, July 26, Coach’s Quest is having its 8th annual Golf Outing and Fundraising event at the Broadmoor Golf Links in Fletcher—just past the Asheville airport.The golf tournament is a 4 person Captain Choice format, where adults and teen kids with adults play. About 80 to 100 attend the tournament. Shotgun time is 12:00pm; individual entries are $75; a team, $300; and Hole sponsors, $100. Team (4 players and hole sponsor) are $350. Donations/Prizes are will be given. A Raffle/cookout and Awards will follow the tournament at Development Haven at 33 Ducker Road in Arden.

For more information about this event or to sign up to develop your, or your child’s skills, in golf or basketball, call 828-777-3914 or email Now is the time “to get back in the game.” Hutch at Development Haven will help you reach your goals.

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